Careerwell & Hirewell’s Talent Insights series presents “Adventures in Job Seeking, Part 2” with special guest Alexine Mudawar.

We often talk about how job seekers need to approach their job search like a sales process. But for non-sales types…what does that actually look like?

Careerwell Cofounder James Hornick talked with Alexine Mudawar, who is an accomplished B2B SaaS sales professional who recently landed a new gig at Displayr. Alexine breaks down how she drove her search using modified sales techniques – company research, referral gathering, tailored elevator pitches, scorecarding, prep cheat sheet, and creative & meaningful follow up.

There are lots of actionable takeaways for job seekers looking for better structure and methods.


Connect with James Hornick and Alexine Muduwar

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Alexine Mudawar’s Linkedin page


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