We’ve also been getting some variation of the same question from a lot of our clients – what are other companies doing about Remote work and WFH policies? Are companies going back to 100% in the office at some point? There are plenty of headlines about companies going fully remote.  But what does that mean? We were curious about:


  • What was happening pre-COVID?
  • What are companies doing now? -What is their plan post-COVID?
  • Will policies be the same for everyone?
  • Does company size or industry affect decisions?


So we partnered with Holistic to gather data and look at trends. They are interesting.  And yes, the push for remote work is real. So if your company is thinking that it will be 100% back in the office when this is all said and done – you may be at a severe disadvantage when it comes to hiring or retaining employees. Ryan Brown and Matt Massucci discuss the data and trends.


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